Minecraft PE Marketplace: Destructobot 5000 guide

I recently finished playing Destructobot 5000 with my family, and it was really enjoyable. I thought I’d write this walkthrough to help people get set up.


Only one person needs to buy this pack. They can start a local game, or a realm if they’re paying for a realm; everyone else will download the pack for free as they enter the local game/realm, for use only in the local game/realm.

You’ll start in a cube with two side-by-side buttons, one for Boss Hunt, one for a VS mode. This review is for Boss Hunt.

Initial Area:

You start in a jail cell which is opened by a blast. Exploring a base, you find items quite unlike regular minecraft.

There is no mining or picking up of blocks. Instead, you have a variety of weapons. Don’t use these inside!

  • Ray gun: like a super-powerful bow and arrow
  • Seeking Explosive: land mines that run after enemies that are near them
  • Missiles: shoot in straight lines, blow everything up to pieces
  • Gravity Rod: makes enemies float up very high and fall down
  • Healing Potions: heal other players

The most important thing, of course is:

  • Destructobot 5000: this is essentially a horse with an enormous amount of health and very high jumping capability. I occasionally found myself exiting the bot to reload my inventory.

The main game:

The main game involves destroying aliens, but more importantly, destroying alien ships. These are tall structures with tubes or fins, aqua-colored blocks, and fences, with monster spawners inside. Shooting them with missiles makes them explode more than other things.

The standard monsters include:

  • Smiley face cannons that shoot from a distance
  • ‘Hugging’ zombies that grab you and explode for massive damage
  • Floating ships with extremely powerful but slow explosive missiles, like shulker attacks
  • Giant metal faces on turrets (or sometimes flying) that shoot ghast pellets which further turn into crablike explosives, like evil versions of your seeking explosives.

As you destroy alien ships, 3 minibosses spawn: e-Tank, Minius Bossius, and Capitano Militaro. The first spawns in the center of the city; the second spawns in a tomb in the fantasy castle; and the third spawns in the secret military base, inside the mountain behind the green fortress.

The whole world is a big, round island.

Overall impression:

Very fun while it lasted, but not much to do when the enemies are dead. Took three nights of playing together to clear it, and we haven’t tried the deathmatch mode. The city itself is gorgeous. I think it was worth the money.


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